Daily Star niche stories 18/06- 22/06

Personal update: For the past three months, I have been working with the Daily Star as a niche writer. Not sure what it means?

To sum up: I write news stories on topics that are relevant to websites that are affiliated with the Daily Star and its parent companies.

This means that most of the articles I write are based around four topics-

  • death and funerals
  • Maths and tutoring
  • Travel
  • Dogs

At first I wasn’t sure how to share these stories the 6-8 stories that I write on a daily basis. I don’t want my blog to only be about the stuff I write for the Daily Star, which is why it makes sense to compiled a bunch of articles into one post and share them.

With that said, if there’s any stories I found particularly interesting, I will definitely share them individually as a separate post.

So here we go:

‘Elderly man praised for sharing ‘beautiful’ wisdom on coping with loss and grief’

An elderly man’s response to a Reddit post seeking advice on coping with the loss of a loved one went viral as thousands reacted to his beautiful words

Link here

‘Pink coffin floats are a thing and ready to become summer’s quirkiest pool must-have’

The blow-up coffins can easily fit two people and come with lid so you can close the casket as you sail away on the ocean – or use it as an eye-catching float

Link here

World’s strangest burial spots – including being buried in the middle of a restaurant

From being buried off the side of a cliff, to being laid to rest in the middle of a restaurant, here are some of the most unique burial spots

Link here

Heroic fire service dog helps save woman from taking her life at bridge

Three-year-old Digby the fire service dog went viral after he was credited with encouraging a young woman back from the railings of a motorway bridge

Link here

NASA to investigate UFOs after military pilots spotted high speed ‘objects’

Former astronaut and NASA head Bill Nelson will allow scientists to study “UFOs” as Pentagon prepares to declassify their reports on “high speed flying objects” spotted by military pilots

Link here

Woman creates incredible walk-in shower for her dogs – and it cost just £500

Instagrammer Zoe Marquis has documented how she built a walk-in shower for her two dogs in her four-bed Windsor home for just £500

Link here

Mum’s incredible envelope trick can help you save £5,000 in six months

The “envelope challenge”, based on a formula by 18th century mathematician Gauss went viral after promising that it can save up to £5000 pounds in 25 weeks

Link here

Dying obese in the UK may mean having to pay for two graves and a larger coffin

A US-based mortician took to her YouTube channel to answer questions relating to funeral options for those who are overweight – but what happens in the UK?

Link here

Best UK staycations to discover new hobbies – from baking bread to stargazing

These independent staycations across the UK offer a wide variety of activities and hobbies to do during your break. What are you waiting for?

Link here

UK’s most terrifying canine legends – from werewolves to the feared Black Dog

For centuries people have been telling stories of terrifying beasts in the night, with red eyes and canine feature. These creatures of lore also tend to also have supernatural abilities, like shapeshifting or incredible strength and agility

Link here


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