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  • Reintroduction


    My name is A.L. Ashkenaz, but most call me Ash. (Former) journalism student at London College of Communication, Former Child.

  • Life Lessons from Cooking

    Life Lessons from Cooking

    I hope everyone is feeling well and staying safe at home. Also, I hope you have something that’s keeping you occupied in these times. Given that “bread recipes” has shown a huge spike in the number of searches on Google lately, meaning people probably are finding ways to cope. Having gotten invested in cooking since…

  • Growth


    “You’ve changed” “I liked your older stuff better” “I don’t see your style in your writings anymore” I get this all the time. From friends. From family. From loved ones. Ever since moving to London I’ve received these well-intentioned “critiques”. This makes it seem like the fire is just not in me anymore. Like I…