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  • From Reel to Real: Vigilantism

    From Reel to Real: Vigilantism

    It’s no secret. We love fictional vigilantes. Brave men and women who mete out justice when the system fails. Characters like Batman and Spiderman fight for truth and justice on the big screen. But heroes eventually fall from grace. One day, we look up and realise that a billionaire in a rubber suit beating up…

  • Human Hypocrisy

    Human Hypocrisy

    WARNING – THIS POST EXPRESSES SOME HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL AND UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. IF YOU GET EASILY TRIGGERED PLEASE TURN AWAY NOW Humans. Of all possible traits they could ever express, hypocrisy had to be one of them. We are all hypocrites. I’m one, you’re another, we all are; we’re just too afraid to admit it. We…