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    “You’ve changed” “I liked your older stuff better” “I don’t see your style in your writings anymore” I get this all the time. From friends. From family. From loved ones. Ever since moving to London I’ve received these well-intentioned “critiques”. This makes it seem like the fire is just not in me anymore. Like I…

  • The Magical Deceit (Exhibition review)

    The Magical Deceit (Exhibition review)

    All photos courtesy of the Wellcome Collection. Everyone loved magic when they were little. Grand spectacles and fantastic miracles, magicians seemed to have powers mere mortals couldn’t dream of possessing. We could watch a pencil disappear into thin air and would be convinced that something supernatural was at play. Everything is different now. As adults,…

  • The Overlooked Rise of eSports

    The Overlooked Rise of eSports

    Many of these games have become part of pop culture without anyone realising. The industry has already begun to attract celebrities with deep pockets.